Q: How long will my child survive?

A: This is an unknown with Type 2. Some children can live well into adulthood and others can be weaker & live less, a good respiratory plan is a great way to keep on top of any issues that may arise

Q: Will they get better over time?

A: Sadly No unless research finds a treatment for SMA

Q: What equipment will the child need?

A: Depending on the childs level it can range from standing frame, walker, manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, Spinal Braces, AFO’s etc

Q: Is there any therapy?

A: Spinraza is the only approved drug for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. A combination of Physiotherapy , Hydrotherapy and Occupational Therapy can do wonders in overall quality of life of sma patients

Q: Has my child got an intellectual disability?

A: SMA does not cause intellectual disability as the brain is not a muscle. There for your child’s intelligence is unaffected. Like all children they will thrive for information.

Q: My child is tired all the time is this normal?

A: The Child’s body and muscles are working twice as hard as other children therefore they will tire easy. It may be easier to schedule appointments or activities in the morning when you know they have had good rest before hand (like an overnight sleep).

Q: Can my child go to mainstream school?

A: There is no reason for your child not to be mainstreamed. Talk to your local school about the different ways they can provide an accessible education for your child. Many SMA children are high achievers

Q: What will we need to do around the home?

A: Modifications such as lifters ramps, toilet grab rails talk to OT and Physio about what is best for your child.